The Pottery from Breda
Breda is located on the eastern side of Montseny, in the region of La Selva, is a city of reference, the point of origin, tradition and the center of pottery production largest in Catalonia and Spain. 

Part of our cultural heritage from the fifteenth century. Has its own terroir, located in the neighboring town of Riells where ancient craftsmen were drawn to the clay. It is a highly refractory clay, ideal for producing parts for the cooking fire. Giving new products and values to the tradicional Kitchen tools.
Burned catalan cream
The catalan cream traditional pot is put in the marked with a small graphic element of flames burning the sugar of this tradicional catalan dish.
Split pot
The typical pan is modified with divisions to divide the cooking or the presentation of the food.
Is a pot for a plant but with the shape of a dry cactus, when the plant dies you keep the test as a decorative green object.
Dishes interventions
Some interventions done on a collection of dishes though cuts and divisions we have a new products
Fruit bowl
With two common dishes joined with a metal tube we build a simple and elegant fruit bowl

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