Product Design Teacher in the mornings, Education Vocal at Fad in the afternoons and father the rest of the time.
Focused on lecturing activity at EsdapC, where he is currently the Head of Product Design Department at Campus Llotja.
Accredited consultant in Innovation Management and Conceptualization and product design by the Generalitat de Catalunya, ACCIÓ, Business Competitiveness Department.

He had studies of Bachelor Degree in Design Engineering and Product Design at Elisava Design School, Master Degree in Art Direction in Advertising and a PhD in Communication and Public Relations at Blanquerna.
His professional experience in product design is with Emiliana Design Studio (2006), Decathlon (2005), NovellPuig Design (2004) and Estudi Moliné (2007). He founded his studio in 2008, at the age of 24, which he received the Spanish Injuve Design Award.
He has an Academic experience in different Design Schools and Universities: Esdap, Ied, Deià, Massana, Bau, Elisava, Iteso de México, Javeriana de Bogotà and GSD-UPC. He has been lecturing in different Congress, Conferences at Schools and Universities.
He is focused on academic recognition writing publications, articles and books.
He offers his services as an industrial, interior designer and art director for small and medium-sized companies. He is known for his work in local development, carried out with Design and Crafts for the “Oficis Singulars” project and the Crafts of the Tequila Route.
His work has been exhibited at numerous festivals, museums, and exhibitions at the Barcelona Design Museum, the Madrid Fine Arts Circle, the Tarragona Museum of Modern Art, the Valencia Illustration Museum. 
Centers of contemporary Art such as: Centro Centro, Matadero, Arts Santa Monica, Convent dels Angels, BACC, The Moore Building at Miami, Fort Mason Center at San Francisco…
His work has been shown at International Fairs such as the Milano Fair, Maison des Objects de Paris, Saint Ettiene Biennial, 100% Design and National Fairs such as the FIM, Casa Pasarela, Expohogar… 
His work has been awarded and published in Magazines such as Neo2, Experimenta, El Dominical, Oficio y Arte, Pasajes de diseño, Nox, Elle Deco …
His name has been mentioned in books such as Bravos, The Essential Objects of Spanish Design, Industrial Design in Spain …
Named as Generation Y in the 2000 Decade, as experimentative, emotional, functional and with interests of craftmanship.
Raquel Pelta (2014) Ana Calvera (Coord,) La formación del sistema Diseño Barcelona (1914-2014).p 535.
Selected in the exhibition Fuera de Serie, together with pieces of Curro Claret, Martín Azúa, Max Lamb, Hella Jongerius, Tomás Alonso, BCXSY…
Ana Dominguez (2013) 
Selected on Bravo’s together with designers: Antoni Arola, Nacho Carbonell, Culdesac, El Ultimo Grito, Emiliana design, Luis Eslava, Marti Guixe, Jaime Hayon, Ramon Ubeda, Patricia Urqueola…
Juli Capella (2010) Bravos
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