Cerámics from La Bisbal d’Empordà
Icecream cone
For those who prefer the icecream without biscuit cone.
The First Project experience of Oficis Singulars, powered by Artesania Catalunya, was located at la Bisbal, truly emblematic as it has formed part of our cultural heritage since the Low Middle Ages.
Containers for different liquids.
The local clay and alluvial soils, which have a high aluminium and calcium carbonate content, have favoured the practice of this trade. Working with Gerard Moline giving new products and values to the tradicional ceramic.
A souvenir related to the La Bisbal Village Desert, el Bisbalenc.
Tiles in stock redesigned as a communication sign.
Fruit bowl
inspired on the handler of the traditional ceramic pitcher
Custom clock
Writte notes to remember.
oli container
Container that recuperates the cap and it locates on a pedestal of a large drop of oil.

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