I rely on trying to transmit, an idea or a concept. Incorporate to the object an intention in its existence. Give it quality or reason to bring it between us.
The object is a volume, it steals space and money. Then, he is forced to give us something in return, In that exchange, we must nourish the objects of invisible qualities.
It’s like creating a seduction, preparing and make love at first sight, seduction is basic to be able to love a consumer and maintain a good relationship between the object and its owner.
The design is a way of sending messages, communication, makes the act of owning goods, something more emotional and human.
Strengthen that crossing called purchase and promote an eternal dialogue called use.
The objects are silent friends, they accompany us throughout our life, through its use, they make us aware that we are still alive.
I do not have a strict methodology that I practice repetitively, each project requires experimentation, requires a different analysis, an observation from different points of view.
I try not to stay with the first idea, it needs maturation, solace, that the beliefs are deposited in thoughts, that there is a strong emotional involvement and it becomes personal.
It takes time to be completely sure, of what I define as a contribution, it is like a gift, a personal contribution.​​​​​​​
Wrote in Spanish, Translated to English:
This personal design statement was published in December 2009 in the Book: “BRAVO. Diseño Español de Vanguardia” Juli Capella. Along with opinions, methodology or impressions of Antoni Arola, Martin azua, Nacho Carbonell, Curro Claret, Cul de sac, Diez Diez, El ultimo grito, Emiliana design, Luis Eslava, Joan Gaspar, Marti Guixe, Jaime Hayon, La granja, Ernest Perera, Diego Ramos, Mario Ruiz, Hector Serrano, Stone Designs, Ramon Ubeda and Patricia Urqueola.

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