Mobile Bacteria
Collection of three wooden mobiles.
Over the last year, the pandemic has made visible the challenges that come from the invisible world, mobiles take organic forms inspired by bacteria that cause imbalances in our bodies.

The collection consists of three bacteria: Bacteroides, Clostridium, and Escherichia. Made with laser cutting with chestnut, walnut, and beech wood. Available at Thingiverse for self-produced silk. The pieces are joined with fishing lines and silver pieces.
They are bacteria that include a multitude of species, they can be mobile and immobile, diners that are part of the gastrointestinal, vaginal, and oral flora. Responsible for chronic inflammation that can lead to gastrointestinal complications such as appendicitis. Silent actors that lives in our bodies and move to it.
They are a genus that lives in the gastrointestinal tract, responsible for clicks and diarrhea, known as E. coli.
They are spire-shaped bacteria, mainly responsible for the anaerobic decomposition of proteins. They usually live on decaying plant and animal material and in marine and freshwater sediments.

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