The essence of Barcelona

LA ESENCIA DE BCN was one of my first Workshops held in 2009 for the Programa of International Studies of the Universidad Javeriana de Bogota. The workshop was held in Barcelona, at the Meeting Room, Beth Galí background space.

35 people participated during two weeks of work (22/06/09 – 04/07/09). The Workshop “The esence of Barcelona” was an experience of the place, analizing and with a methodology create an objectual answer to Barcelona.The participants are:Ana Sofia Gacharna, Camilo Garcia, Carlos Felipe Gomez, Carolina Serrano, David Rodriguez Guillen, Diana Marcela Gomez, Diego javier parra, Fabian Andres Varela, German Cardenas Duque, juan camilo gomez, juan camilo martinez, lina maria sierra, Luz karime jann hashin, maria alejandra arismendi, maria clara carieño, Maria Paula moreno cruz, natalia huertas vazquez, sebastian rodriguez, valeria ramirez galeano, veronica rueda giraldo.


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