La verbena de Sant Joan

LA VERBENA DE SAN JUAN Universidad Javeriana de Bogota. Barcelona. Meeting Room.

The formative experience of the St.John is an idea that born on 2010 in a conversation between Curro Claret and Carlos Hernandez of how to make a workshop to deal with the competence of new designers and architects to undersant and recognize the most important aspects from abroad culture.

Developed only for the International Studies Program (PEI) of University Javeriana it aims the claim of How we can contribute or design action for a traditional party? The workshop consists of analysis and to give a fast proposal to the popular Catalan party. Observing rituals, needs, belongings and opportunities to develop an intervention in a week.

2011. 62 participants (20 – 24/6/2011)  +Results

2012. 35 Participants (18 – 24/06/2012)  +Results

2013 (17- 24/6/2013) Results

2014 (16- 24/6/2014) Results

2015 (18-24/6/2015).

This formative experience change on 2014 with the introduction of Josep Fornes, tohether with Amadeu Carbó and Guillem Roma, that invite us to participate on the “official” party held by the city.

2016 (18-24/6/2015).

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