Festive Imatgery Design Course

Giant and big-headed are costumed figures in Spanish and Portuguese festivals. The main feature of these figures is typically their paper maché head; bodies are covered in clothing matching the costume’s theme. The Festive Imatgery Course was a Course of professionalization of This Craft.

Massana Design School together with Faaoc  (Federació d’Associacions d’Artesans) designed this experience that finished with an exhibition of awesome results. The results had been seen in an exhibition at Artesania Catalunya (02-13/03/16). 18 Participants had showcase their work: Bou de Pol Oliva, Cleopatra de Jordi Arnau, Dauna. Dona d’aigua de Glòria Bujons, Dedal i Omar d’Edith Lassiera, Espasa Pere Berenguer de Vilafranca d’Aleix, El Cabirol d’Arnau Guardi, Fènix de Pau Reig, Helena Muraena d’Esther Giralt, La Buiraca de Miquel Grima, La Llúdriga de Sant Adrià de Besós de Marta Archilés, La Mulassa de Gerard Fernández, Margarida Olivera de Carlos Morillo, Mossèn Salvador Galmès i Sanxo de Damià Arnau, Pere El Gran d’Aleix A, Pippi Langstrump d’Eloi Linuesa, Ramona (Ramona Pexugona) de Marta López,  Txantxillo de Jon Berrondo, Uróboros de Ramón Ferrer.


In this ocasion the Director of the Course, Juidth Camps invited me to work the conceptualization of the Giant and big-headed caracters. Together with Pere Giralt, we created a Course of Design Process and Innovation of 40 hours (07/2015), that consists on a reflection of the professional practice focuses on methodologies that make the creative process more participatory, co-creation with colectives and interaction between the different participants. The course offers a festive imagery professionalization very specific craft, linked to the festive tradition of Catalan region .During the course 12 participants and Pere and me shared this experiment: Carlos Morillo, Pau Reig, Marta Achiles, Ester Giralt, Glòria Burjons. Marta Lopez, Dariia Bashkova, Damia Arnau, jon Berrondo, Pol Oliva, Ramon Ferrer i Edith Lasierra.


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