Interviews to Product Designers

I started around 2006 a Weblog called El Blog de Jose Garcia that were a serie of Interviews to different Product Designers that after materialize in a section at DXI Magazine, during 8 numbers I made a serie of Interviews to different designers:

Gerard Moline
(nº 39. Septiembre 2009)

Nacho Carbonell
(nº 38. Septiembre 2009)

Diego Ramos
(nº 37. Septiembre 2009)

Ernesto Oroza
(nº 36. Septiembre 2009)

Natalia Brilli
(nº 35. September 2009)

Manuel Torres
(nº 34. June 2009)

Tomas Alonso
(nº 33. March 2009)

Francisco Torres
(nº 32. December 2008)


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