The International Innovation and Design Prize of Catalunya. Presentation project 55bcn by Koy Shunka ESDI (2012)

Selected for the World Design Impact Prize. ICSID (2011)

Nominated, for Design Revelation in the spanish selecction for the international Prize of Design EDIDA. (2008)

Selected ELLE Deco International Design Awards (Young Designer in Spain 2008)

Selected Targetti Light Award.
(Ligth Art Collection. Targetti. Italy)

INJUVE Design Prize 2007.
(Ministerio de Trabajo y Asunto Sociales. Madrid)

Selected Bomob Competition.
(Furniture Design Exsit. 2005)

Selected Watchelona Competition.
(Clocks Climat. 2004)

Selected Imagineering Dupont Competition.
(Tiesto. 2003)