Centro Centro.
Plaza de Cibeles, 1. 28014 Madrid
(15/02/13 - 01/09/13)

Fuera de serie is an exhibition that demonstrates the importance of contemporary design. Design, as understood by the designers selected for this show, is a motor for the economy, for social change and culture.

This exhibition focuses on a number of projects in which design is allied with craftmanship and industrial processes. For different reasons, these are either experiencing difficulties, or are in danger of disappearing.

Sixteen projects have been chosen –carried out in countries all over the world -, in which the talent of designers has been applied to reinventing, revitalising and launching products in such a way that their identity, history and even weaknesses become their greatest asset.

This exhibition commissioned by Ana Domínguez Siemens, cuenta con proyectos de: Marcelo RosembaumPedritaTomás AlonsoCurro ClaretÁlvaro Catalán de Ocón Tomas KralHella JongeriusMartín AzúaBCXSYFlorie SalnotFernando y Humberto CampanaFrontScholten and BaijinsMax LambMichael YoungGuillem Ferran.