Arts Santa Monica
La Rambla, 7, 08002 Barcelona

Creative Catalonia is an exhibition approaches dialogue between new technologies and the rich heritage of the past through language. Ex Spes memory, memory, hope ... and creativity.

Expose projects that establish a dialogue with the popular arts, others approach a restoration of this language past through new technologies. There are disciplines that include the pitcher or carpets to traditional elements, it is fixed in the RPG, or Fassbinder film, or even the language of counter-guerrilla.

This exhibition, curated by Richard Mas, comprises projects: Apparatu, Carles Congost, Emiliana Design, Àlex Gifreu, Harquitectes, Isaki Lacuesta, Laura Meseguer, Sergio Mora, Ramon Prat, Martín Ruiz de Azúa, Juanjo Sáez, Toormix, David Torrents , Alex Trochut, Vasava ... and Guillem Ferran.