Jury member of Premi Catalunya Ecodisseny 2019

Member of the Jury representing the ADI-FAD in the Premis Catalunya Ecodisseny 2019 de l’Agència de Residus de Catalunya together with Maria José Sarrias, Pilar Chiva, Anna Esteve, Isabel Roig, Maite Ardèvol, Jordi Ginabreda, Matilde Torralba, Pere Fullana, José Maria Fernández, Cori Calero, Alfred Vara, Mireia Padrós i Rita Puig.

Premi Catalunya Ecodisseny 2019

The Minister of Territory and Sustainability, Damià Calvet, presented the III Catalonia Ecodesign Award 2019 on 11/25/19, convened by the Department of Territory and Sustainability of the Generalitat de Catalunya. The biennial award recognizes products, products in development and product promotion strategies that are designed to improve their environmental behavior throughout their life cycle and their contribution to the circular economy. The winners have been a modular urban bench Alpine bench from Escofet_lab in the “Product” category. A high-performance recycled thread, in the “Product under development” category, by By My Eco and A hotel for bees by Cristina Bonamusa Martínez from the EINA school, in the “Young Design” category The specials mentioned are The light bulbs of Bridepalla Promotional Seeds, the Bitsybags of Susan Leach and Claudia Cunha, the interleaver for frozen foods of Magrana Barcelona Product Lab, The chair Noem Carl of Nutcreatives, Tapes of Demano Producciones Sostenibles.

Experience in Award jury competitions and Final thesis committees


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