TAPAS. Spanish Design for Food is an exhibition organized and produced by Spanish Cultural Action (AC / E) and curated by architect and designer Juli Capella. The exhibition is a selection of objects designed or manufactured in Spain.

The selection of pieces ranging from the smallest object like a salt shaker, to tableware, furniture and interior decoration of restaurants, reaching architecture, with unique examples of Spanish wineries. It also seeks to highlight the enormous capacity for innovation biggest names in Spanish cuisine whose techniques have revolutionized the world cuisine.

The exhibition include two objects designed by Guillem Ferran: the toothpick holder and a piece of chocolate.

This exhibition had been seen in: Valencia (Spain), Oporto (Portugal), Manila (Filipinas), Lisboa (Portugal), Sao Paulo ( Brasil), Budapest (Hungría), Madrid (España), Ciudad de México (México), Guanajuato (México), Albuquerque (USA), Liubliana (Eslovenia), Toronto (Canada), Seúl (South Corea), Washington D.C (USA), Tokio (Japan), Miami (USA).

The last exhibition was held in The Barcelona Museum of Design (09/03- 21/05/17)

Once the exhibition finished at Museu del Disseny de Barcelona, the pieces kept part of the actual collection.


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