Vitrics at Artesania Catalunya

The exhibition took place at Artesania Catalunya (25/05- 21/06/2013), the exhibition showcased the works of the Glass Makers: Antonio Sciacca, Maribel Navarro, Ferran Picornell i Maria Busquets, Marta Claverol, Joan Serra, Lucia Bruni, Xavi Vega, Núria Torrente, David Gibernau, Jordi Vidal, Ferran Collado, Francisco Ibañez, Claudio Hoffmann, Ginesta Tolosa, Josep Román and Guillem Ferran

The VITRICS. AMORFIC OBJECTS exhibition is the result of an Innovation Design Course for glaziers organized by “Associació Catalana de Les Arts del Vidre” at Aventurina, Can Fusteret together with 14 big professional glassmakers.


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