I work as Product Design Teacher
I have been Product Designer
Here you will find my Bio and Work.

Im focus on the following challenges:

– Empowering other people values.
– Rethinking co-design process.
– Personal development in the academic field.

Empowering entrepreneurs, products and ideas
As teacher and advisor, I have been involved in multiple Design Education Courses, Workshops and Advice Programs for Adults. As Head of Product Design Department at EASD Llotja, my mission is to make the product design studies from Esdap Catalunya grow and have an important role in the Barcelona Design Map.

Rethinking co-design process
Understanding the Design Process and new methodologies to share, use and explore with students, partners and project colleagues.  Map and Introduce fundamental skills required to develop successful product design, including methods of company research, creative idea generation techniques and design sketching and problem-solving tools. Most of these thoughts are visible though Designmethodkit at Teach and lecturing activity.

Personal Academic development
After a short professional recognition, I work to deal with academic recognition. Continuing my studies following research and publications work. Most of these Writing Work is visible through Writing or at my Research Gate profile site.

Education vocal at ADIFAD
Accredited consultant in Innovation Management and Product Design by ACCIÓ


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